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The Marching Wildcats is the nickname of Mifflinburg’s marching band program which is an co-curricular activity. Mifflinburg believes that its marching band program is to act as an extension of the music program to help further the musical and social abilities of its members. Students will be able to expand their knowledge of instrumental technique, music theory, musical styles, and ceremonial tradition, as well as the skills necessary to most effectively work as a group.


One of the most historically rooted and most visible functions of the band is providing music for school and community events.  These include community events, parades and ceremonies as well as school pep rallies and football games.  The Mifflinburg Area Instrumental Program is committed to continuing the tradition of our students being ceremonial musicians as an important component of their overall educational experience.

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This Year's Field Show

“An American in Paris”

The Mifflinburg Area Marching Wildcats’ 2020 fall show, “An American in Paris” features excerpts from George Gershwin’s orchestral piece by the same name.  This piece from 1928 was one of the first to blend an orchestral sound with the newly developed jazz style, and helped to cement Gershwin as one of our great American composers.  The first theme is representative of an American stepping onto the streets of Paris for the first time. It features a chaotic blend of many different styles and city sounds. This eventually gives way to a sense of frustration from the subject. That is then followed by the infamous Blues theme which portrays the American experiencing Parisian nightlife, as they begin to better adapt to their surroundings.

The marching band is led by Drum Major Taylor Williams and Assistant Drum Majors -  Robert Swartzlander and Cassidy McClintock.
Band Officers are: President – Taylor Williams; Vice President –Robert Swartzlander; Secretary/Treasurer –Cassidy McClintock; Historian -Benjamin Heintzelman; Senior Representative -Caleb Post; Junior Representative – Josh Hauck; Sophomore Representative –Jocelyn Bingaman; and Color Guard Representative – Karleigh Burns

The Marching Wildcats’ staff includes: Director – Matthew Labar, Assistant Directors – Kelsey Hurst, Debra Rapson, and Patricia Wagner; Color Guard Instructors – Lori Rodichok and Andrea Kelly; The drill was designed by Kelsey Hurst and Matthew Labar.  

All wind and percussion arrangements are done by Matthew Labar. 

The Marching Wildcats thank the Mifflinburg Area Band Boosters for their enthusiastic support.  We also thank the Board and Administration of our school district, as well as the businesses and individuals of the surrounding communities for their continued generous support.

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